Lunch in Innsbruk

We stopped for lunch in Innsbruk, Austria on our way to St. Polten. Innsbruk was host of the 1964 and 1976 Winter Olympics.

We drove up a narrow mountain drive to this restaurant. The food was great but there were a few things we were not expecting.


What the Austrian’s Had to Say About the Huskies

Coach Russell’s Thoughts After the Kaufbeuren Game

More Updates to Come

Check back this week as more photos and videos will be added about the trip.

Back Home

Friday we woke early to make the trip back to Munich. Unfortunately many other people had the same idea and we got stuck in a traffic jam. We were all glad to finally get to Munich.

Most of the players jumped a train to the center of Munich while the staff opted to walk around the area near our hotel.

Everyone was back in the hotel early in the evening in anticipation of our 4 am wake up call.

Checking into our flight in Munich could not have gone worse. Everyone had to use the kiosk to check in which was taking for ever. Then one of the two broke. Finally they just had an agent check us in. Everyone was really stressed but we managed to all get on the plane.

Mikael Lickteig got the raw deal during the trip. His bag did not arrive in Kaufbauren and he went the whole trip with out. But he never complained. When we went to the Munich Airport (where his bag was spending most of the trip) he asked about picking it up. They said that lost baggage opens at 7 am. Our flight was leaving at 6:40 am.

The flight back from Amsterdam to Detroit took longer than it did on the way there. Then it was one more flight to Marquette and a bus ride back to Houghton.

Over all it was a great trip but everyone was glad to be back in Houghton.

Klagenfurt Posts 7-2 Win

KLAGENFURT, Germany – After playing five games in six days and playing without three skaters Michigan Tech ran out of gas as Klagenfurt posted a 7-2 win Wednesday (Aug. 18). The Huskies finished their European Tour with a 2-3 record.

The Dragons jumped onto the scoreboard with an even strength goal two minutes into the game and added another midway through the opening period.

The Huskies enjoyed a few chances of their own with Brett Olson accounting for two break away chances.

Klagenfurt would add three more goals in the second period before Tech notched their first. Olson busted up the Dragon shut out when he tipped in a pass coming across the face of the goal. Bryce Reddick and MilosGordic assisted on the goal.

The third period opened with a power play goal by Klagenfurt but Tech would answer with one of their own. Steven Seigo fired a shot on net that was tipped past the Dragon netminder by Evan Witt. Tommy Brown also assisted on the goal.

Klagenfurt added one more goal to skate to the 7-2 win.

The Dragons out shot the Huskies 40-34 in the game.

Kevin Genoe gave up all seven goals before being replaced by Corson Cramer.

Tech will open up the 2010-11 season with an exhibition game against Nipissing on Oct. 2.

Damon’s Update

We spent yesterday driving from Kaufbauren to St. Polten and it was an amazing drive thru the mountains.  The mountains, waterfalls and small villages provided great scenery and we also saw a few castles along the way that made me feel like we were in a movie.

It has been a great trip for the team and a huge benefit for me to get to know the players on and off the ice instead of having to wait until October when we get on the ice with them.  At this point I have a pretty good feel of what each player adds to the team and am starting to get a better feel of how to coach and relate to each player based upon their individual personalities.  The trip has been a great way to learn all these things about the team and its’ dynamics in a very condensed period of time.

I also really enjoyed our time in Kaufbauren.  Walking around town was spectacular soaking in the history and architecture.  We were able to see the old city walls that provided protection to the city over seven hundred years ago.  There were also some great old churches that were built back in the 1300’s that were great to visit.

We also played very well against great competition.  Our guys did a lot of good things against polished and savvy veteran pro players that bodes well for the upcoming season.  If we can compete and play the way we did after a long flight, six hour time difference, a short turn around in game times, three games in three nights, and that level of competition than we have a lot to look forward too!

Finally, the best game of the weekend from a “I’ve never seen a game in Germany” perspective was the “derby” game between Kaufbauren and Ausberg.  They call their rivalry game a derby and they had a great crowd at the arena.  They  were arm in arm chanting, beating drums, and waving flags that led to a great environment.  The final score was a lopsided win for Ausberg but then Kaufbauren rebounded for a shoot out win over Linz on Sunday so it was nice the home town crowd had something to cheer for.

Go Huskies.

Damon Whitten